Mining, Metals and Equipment

IThe African continent has many natural resources including diamonds, cobalt, oil, natural gas, copper, coltan, gold, etc... which are mostly exported to the countries with the greater industrial, manufacturing, health, energy or infrastructural development. The mining industry in Africa represents a sector in expansion and with high rate of return. The mining industry significantly contributes to the GDP of many African countries; furthermore, it gives a job to the populations directly involved, consolidating a middle class that requires increasingly efficient services.
In recent years, the main metal exporting countries have shown particular attention to the protection of the investment in this sector, by the adoption of specific laws aimed at eradicating corruption, guaranteeing the repatriation of capital, limiting the expropriation for public utility, thus strengthening the economic growth of the countries themselves.
Our team provides you assistance in all matters relating to the sector such as the negotiation of extraction contracts, the establishment of Joint ventures, the acquisition of an exploitation license, due diligence, the environmental compliance, and dispute resolution.