Energy & Power

“Energy is the golden thread that connects economic growth, increases social equity, and provides an environment that allows the world to thrive.” Former UN Secretary General BAN KI-moon.

The size of energy market is globally evaluated in about 7 trillion US dollars, resulting to be the most currently attractive market segment.
According to the International Energy Agency, world energy demand will grow by more than 30% within 2035. China, India, the Middle East and the African continent will represent more than two thirds of this growth.
In order to satisfy growing energy demand, the world is expected to invest 37 trillion US dollars in infrastructure of manufacturing and supply concerning all sectors of the energy industry over the next two decades.
Our team provides advice to companies, small and medium-sized enterprises and big groups, which are intent to develop and/or consolidate their activities in the energy sector of emerging countries, ensuring global assistance on issues related to the business development process.