Agriculture & Agro-Business

Agriculture remains an integral part of the African economy and daily life of most Africans, representing just over 60% of workplaces in the entire continent. Despite its central role, the agricultural sector represents on average only a quarter of African GDP, due to the low productivity of the sector.
The continuous fluctuations of the price of natural resources have generated a strong need of diversification of African economies, creating the conditions for an ever-growing investment in the agricultural sector.
Agriculture is a good option for the diversification required, as it presents lower price volatility and has considerable development potential. Furthermore, urbanization favours a growing demand for high-value foodstuffs that the offer of local producers is currently unable to satisfy.
The latest estimates about it foresee an increase in the percentage of Africans living in urban areas by almost 50% within 2025 and 70% within 2050.
It becomes essential to seize the investment opportunities offered by the sector, both for machinery and accessories producers and for entrepreneurs who, for various reasons, want to operate directly in the reference markets.
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