“La vera cultura è mettere radici e sradicarsi. Mettere radici nel più profondo della terra natia. Nella sua eredità spirituale. Ma è anche sradicarsi e cioè aprirsi alla pioggia e al sole, ai fecondi apporti delle civiltà straniere”
Léopold Sédar Senghor, Poesie dell'Africa

Ethics Business Law for Africa

A team of business lawyer at the service of companies that intend to invest in Africa.


Ethics: we assist entrepreneurial behaviour that intends to combine profit with respect for people, history of communities, natural resources and environment.

Business: we support your company, accompanying you in an intelligent and creative way in a continent full of infinite resources and opportunities, but to be considered with attention and caution.

Law: we are lawyer, with legal and fiscal skills in international business.

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